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Recent Posts

03/23/2021 Livestream notes

1 minute read

one of our awesome channel viewers made a logo for Pic Story and sent it to me during the stream!

03/22/2021 Livestream notes

1 minute read

We could do all this in code for a while, but NOW we can do the following from the app UI itself:

How far is too far?

11 minute read

The growth of the spirit is absolutely essential to the thing stitting above the act of writing code…

03/01/2021 Livestream notes

less than 1 minute read

Continue with Pic Story UI buildout: customization! (this is the whole reason I’m building this thing)

Month One Wrapup: Shoot and Miss

11 minute read

If the sarcasm hasn’t wilted your mind to ash already, I’ll come out and state it plainly: here we are, at the end of Month One, and I stand before you empty...