03/22/2021 Livestream notes

1 minute read


(a small idea to guide the day’s work)

Don’t end the month with nothing


(what do I plan to do)

  • More CRUD finessing, focusing on the story editing flow.

What I got done

(plan != reality)

We could do all this from a code perspective for a while, but NOW we can do the following from the app UI itself:

  • Create a brand new story
  • Save a brand new story in the database
  • Get that new story’s randomly generated URL, pass it back to the frontend, and redirect to a new route based on that URL. All of which enables the user:
  • To hit save once more on the same screen and EDIT that new story instead of creating a brand new story.
  • Delete an existing story from the database!

CRUD finessing indeed 💪

For next time

  • Fix our EDN-related data woes for hydrating app state from a saved story in the DB
  • List out saved stories so a user can navigate to a saved story via the UI and view/edit it

(things referenced mid-stream)

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