04/28/2021 Livestream notes

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(a small idea to guide the day’s work)

Get back on the horse 🐎


(what do I plan to do)

  • Amazon SES is working! So we should figure out how to
    • Send emails (done this before, not hard 💪)
    • Receive emails (uh …🤔)
  • If we can figure out how to receive emails, then …
    • Take our parsing/DB saving code from yesterday and hook that up to email receiving flow

What I got done

(plan != reality)

  • We can now send emails from Mail File! Which is great.
  • We got most of the way towards receiving emails sent to Mail File as well:
    • We wrote an SES receipt rule which invokes an AWS Lambda function when an email is received
    • That AWS Lambda function sends a POST to the Mail File server which we’ve written to receive emails

Theoretically that would be enough: SES would send the subject and body of the email along in the data that it sends to Lambda, but evidently an intermediary step is required along the way: either invoking an SNS event or saving the email to S3 first. Seems like an unneccessary middle step to this guy, but that’s how it is 🤷‍♂️

For next time

  • Set up either SNS or S3 as the middle step between SES and Lambda, and after that we will have our email contents and can parse/save them accordingly 🎉

(things referenced mid-stream)

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