04/27/2021 Livestream notes

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(a small idea to guide the day’s work)

The master has had more failures than the novice has even attempted.


(what do I plan to do)

  • Get back into building Mail File
  • Get the DB up and running (Datomic)
  • Maybe start parsing dummy emails
    • Parse body of email by newline
    • Transact those parsed lines as individual entities to transact into DB

What I got done

(plan != reality)

  • We finally got Datomic up and running! Turns out reading the documentation carefully can take you a long way in this world 👍
  • We added a route for saving a new URL from an email
  • We wrote:
    • specs for a “saved item” Datomic entity and a “link” Datomic entity
    • A function to save a new url
  • And finally, we hooked up the API to submit a new URL via POST and save it in the DB!

For next time

  • Hopefully get AWS SES up and running so we can test these with actual emails
  • Expand functionality beyond just URLS, like quotes or other random pieces of text

(things referenced mid-stream)

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