Mail File: stop emailing yourself!

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Have you ever emailed yourself something to save it for later? I do it constantly. A link, a nice quote I’d like to remember, a recipe I want to cook later that night, it could be anything.

On the one hand, emailing yourself is the easiest, snappiest way to save information. No app integrations, no passwords, no syncing between devices, no signup, no BS: just copy+paste and send and you’re golden. It’s the perfect user experience: everybody knows how to do it, there are no surprises or new things to learn, and zero friction.

On the other hand, emailing yourself is probably the worst way to keep and reference information. Once that link or quote or recipe lands in your inbox, it instantly starts sinking into the quicksand of your life as more emails pile up on top of it. After a few days or weeks, it’s been swallowed whole. If you remember the URL for the link, maybe you can search for it after it disappears from page one of your inbox, but otherwise you’ve gotta go sifting backwards, page by page, until you find it. So quoth Sweet Brown from the annals of meme history:

Ain't nobody got time for that meme

Stop emailing yourself! There is a better way. And that better way is …


Mail File combines the awesome UX of emailing yourself with a better organization method than just tossing things into a messy pile. Instead of emailing what you want to save to yourself, you email it to a custom address (like or Once it lands on Mail File’s servers, the body of the email is parsed to find links, quotes, and other patterns of information, and everything is filed away based on type: like recipes, articles, blog posts, etc.

Finally! You’ll be able to save stuff without the headache of sifting through a million other things to find it again 😄

Where to find it

This app is in active development! There are a lot of places to find out more information about it:

One last thing

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