04/29/2021 Livestream notes

less than 1 minute read


(a small idea to guide the day’s work)

Why so serious?


(what do I plan to do)

  • Figure out weird data stuff when POSTing email to backend server from AWS 🤷‍♂️
  • Once we can get this thing into a proper JSON object, we can then:
    • Parse the object
    • Get the email data (mainly subject and body)
    • Save the email in the DB
    • And then the core feature is more or less “done” (huge asterisk)

What I got done

(plan != reality)

  • Found a library to parse RFC 5322 messages into Clojure maps!
  • Debugged our POST body woes: turns out Reitit uses a totally different middleware scheme than Compojure (big point in favor of “sticking with what you know” when it comes to your tools 😰)
  • ALMOST got to the point of grabbing subject and body of the email for storage in DB!

For next time

(things referenced mid-stream)

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