1/12/2021 stream notes

less than 1 minute read

Plan for the morning

  • Start on game itself!
    • Get a React/Reagent frontend going
      • Get a helloworld React example up: DONE 👍
    • Set up a websocket server
      • Get the frontend CSRF piece figured out - DONE, more or less 😅
      • finish the backend setup - DONE, after a fashion 😅
      • send a custom message from the FE to the BE
        • what are we sending? a simple string, some fun hello world thing
      • send a custom message to the FE from the BE
    • Connect React clients to websocket server
    • Send some simple messages/data back and forth

Do I understand web sockets? Let’s find out

  • Important concepts
    • EVENT: something that has happened either on the client or the server
    • ID: This denotes which “client” (i.e. user) is sending or receiving an update
    • web socket conenctions may not succeed or may drop over time
    • it’s possible for the client to have state as well as the server
    • callback functions available to execute after sending an event from client to server