01/20/2021 Stream notes

1 minute read


  • Program some game logic! Finally!
  • Get more comfortable with REPL-driven development
  • Take advantage of some sweet techniques I learned about



Loose agenda

  • Take the starter game logic code and build it out further
  • Build functions which will be easy to hook up to web socket listeners
  • Build game creation code
    • random four letter game code - DONE 👍 (no shame)
    • starter object to feed into game state - DONE 👍
    • save the starter game object into state - DONE 👍
    • Add the host of the game as a player into the game state - DONE 👍
    • Add starter movies to the game state - DONE 👍
    • Register players to already created game - DONE 👍
    • Send out plots to the players
      • create a random vector of game plots - DONE 👍
      • get the appropriate plot according to round index - DONE 👍
    • Track the round of the game in game state
      • initialize to 0 - DONE 👍
      • increment by one each round - DONE 👍
    • Refactor state ish (can I do this better? Email me at andy@startupinamonth.net)
    • Method for players to add plots to game state
    • Method for players to vote
    • Method for the game to request state (votes, plots, players, round, etc)
    • Method to figure out who won!